A list of mpo images I've created haphazardly myself with various cameras and tools.
Load this site up on a 3ds to see them all in 3d!

!!! The side by side effect with most of these images is very poorly done.
!!! Viewing may cause headaches for those not used to the 3DS 3D effect.

My personal favorites from below
(these ones have the most comfortable 3d effect)
Elvis' Pink Cadillac
VTOL Jet Aircraft
Misty Lake
Machu Picchu Wall
Wet Rose
Sleeping Kitten

USA National Aerospace Museum
B-29 Bomber Aircraft
Space Shuttle Discovery
Fighter Jet Aircraft
Old Boeing Controls
VTOL Jet Aircraft

Around the USA
Elvis' Pink Cadillac
New York Skyline
Fake Polar Bear
Fake Lion
Fake Lion Cropped
Fake Sabretooh
George Washington's Garden
More of George Washington's Garden
Jack Daniel's Silo Building
Jack Daniel's Old Fire Truck
Glaceon in its natural habitat

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu Wall
Copy of Pokemon Crystal
Sleeping Kitten
Misty Lake
Wet Rose
Quartz Cropped
Rock Formation